See below all the DAIROLL range of products:

Desmoulding agent for hot forge: clean area, ling useful life

Dairoll 330 TK Drying Film. Recommended concentration 10~20%

Dairoll 160 MWK Semi-drying Film. Recommended concentration 10~20%

Dairoll 20 HVS-MK Wet Drying Film. Good lubrication and good wettability. Recommended concentration 10~20%

Dairoll 300 HVS Heavier operation, high adherence. Recommended concentration 10~20%

Machining Line: products exempt of Chlorine and Boron. Machining: Full Use

Dairoll SG-70 Grinder oil and special polishing

Dairoll A-16 Heavy grinding

Dairoll GIA-15 Oil for “Gun Drill”

Dairoll GIA-20 Grinder oil/ lighter machining

Dairoll GIA-26 Grinder oil/ medium machining

Dairoll GIA-40 “Toothed” Machining

Dairoll GIA-54 Heavier operation, broaching and expanding

Dairoll Series SG Mainly indicated for rollers finishing

Dairoll RS-10 100% vegetable basis

Machining Line: products exempt of Chlorine and Boron Machining: Soluble Oil

Dairoll PA-87 Chemical Solution, good protection and washing

Dairoll PA-110 K Water basis, good protection, excellent against wearing. Wide use for grinding and machining of lighter carbon steel and casted iron

Dairoll PA-511 “Coolant Clean” soluble type, containing synthetic polymer, good osmosis feature, protection and lubrication. Wide use for grinding and machining

Dairoll PA-550 Soluble containing extreme pressure with excellent lubrication and refrigeration Indicated for heavy grinding

Dairoll PA-582 Emulsion type, good lubrication and long useful life. Wide use: Aluminum, carbon steel and casted iron

Dairoll PA-1300 Soluble special for the burnishing operation. Good washing and proper lubrication. It can replace the process using integral oil.

Dairoll SC F-201 H Mineral based soluble containing extreme pressure. Aluminum and carbon steel machining. Good lubrication, cooling and washing keeping the equipment clean

Dairoll EX-8 Mineral based emulsion. Good lubrication, washing and machining of pure aluminum

Dairoll CF-123 Mineral based emulsion. Wide use: Carbon steel and casted iron

Dairoll 206 MT Soluble high lubrication with EP agent, high wettability, applications of general steel and aluminum

Thermal Treatment: Integral Oil

Cold Process

Dairoll NT-22 Good cooling. Temperature: Ambient ~60°C

Dairoll 125 N Good cooling. Temperature: 60~80°C

Dairoll N-101 Good cooling and shine capability. Temperature: 60~80°C

Semi Hot Process

Dairoll B-52 N Shine capability. Temperature: 80~120°C

Hot Process

Dairoll B-90 T Martêmpera. Temperature: 120~180°C

Thermal Treatment: Soluble Oil

Dairoll AS Polymeric basis.

Good cooling. Induction and immersion temperature

Pipe's Conformation

Dairoll Series HC Pipes Conformation – Copper

Dairoll J-15 Mineral Based Emulsion Pipes Conformation – General Steel and Stainless Steel

Stamping and Cold Forge

Dairoll Series TJ Stamping

Dairoll Series TJ Cold forge


Dairoll Series TK

Carbon Steel – Under request

Zinc coated – Under request

Cold Rolling

Dairoll KN-1MM • Dairoll TH-15 KB Copper and Alloys

Carbon Steel – Under request

Stainless Steel– Under request

Silica Steel– Under request

Hot rolling

Dairoll SA-100 HB Copper and Alloys

Aluminum – Under request

Carbon Steel – Under request

Hydraulic Fire Resistant

Dairoll H-1A Synthetic Ester Based. Visc 46 cSt, a 40ºc

Integral Detergents

Dairoll M-5 High refining solvent. Flash point > 70°C

Water Based Detergents

Dairoll R-207 Good protection and light washing. Ex: Washing of soluble machining oils

Dairoll R-313 XL Heavier Washing. Ex: Washing of integral oils

Dairoll SK-10 Washing of equipment, heavy scruff

Protective – Equipment with flash point > 70ºc

Dairoll D-311 H Intermediate protective for general parts (rollers) and aluminum. Oily film

Dairoll D-36 HB Intermediate protective for parts in general, bars pipes and materials. Fine oily film

Dairoll D-361 HB Intermediate dewatering protective agent for parts in general (rollers)

Dairoll D-366 HB Intermediate protective for parts in general (rollers), Indicated for final protection of pipes and steel carbon strips. Oily film

Dairoll RX-900 V Final protection for cold rolled steel plate

Dairoll RX-900 VAB General protective for cold rolled steel plate and galvanized steel

Dairoll RX-900 VKB Final protective for pickled steel plate

Dairoll SW-7 Emulsion type protective for forged steel and casted iron parts